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1700 x 700mm 6 Jet Whirlpool Bath

  • £429.00

Hot baths are great, but the water holds even more benefits if you get it moving. A whirlpool system works by re-circulating bath water through a number of jets to provide streams of bubbled water. This allows you to lie back, close your eyes and receive your very own personal massage.

There are also some great health benefits to whirlpool baths; improved overall circulation, stress and anxiety relief, pain relief and even dermatological benefits. There are a raft of good reasons to have a whirlpool bath.

Specific areas are targeted by each of the jet streams, which combine to work out your kinks and cover you in a hot blanket of bubbles.

This 1700 x 700mm size means this Whirlpool Bath takes no more space in the bathroom than the standard version. All systems fit within the confines of the bath.